Left Coast | Press Release – Seattle-Based Reuben’s Brews Available in UK for the first time…
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Press Release – Seattle-Based Reuben’s Brews Available in UK for the first time…

Press Release – Seattle-Based Reuben’s Brews Available in UK for the first time…

Left Coast Distribution has made an exciting addition to their already impressive portfolio of American Craft beers. The Nottingham-based importer has taken delivery of a range of beers from Seattle’s award-winning brewery Reuben’s Brews.

Just three years old, Reuben’s Brews have emerged as one of the West Coast’s most talked-about young breweries. The US Open Beer Championships named Reuben’s 7th best brewery in 2013 and 4th in 2014. They have also scooped no less than 42 medals from The World Beer Championships, North American Brewing Awards, Australian International Beer Awards and Washington Brewers Awards.

Adam Robbings head brewer from Reuben’s met with Left Coast’s owner Nigel Garlick in January this year. Nigel commented: “Adam being an ex-pat was very keen to bring his beer over to the UK and so began this journey. We have always been impressed with the beers from the North West and we were keen to bring more beers from other breweries from Seattle and Washington State. So we went on a truly amazing brewery tour in May and came back with an armful of willing brewers who want to work with us. Our first shipment, which landed this month, features four of these breweries including Reuben’s Brews. We are very excited to be representing such a rich and fertile brewing region of the States and bringing some truly stellar beers to the UK”.


Left Coast have imported Crikey IPA (6.8%) which focuses the hop profile on tropical fruit, juicy citrus and pine supported by a malt backbone; Life on Mars (8.2%) is an out-of-this-world Imperial Red IPA with a bright nose of citrus, tangerine and pine supported by a medium-full body and smooth caramel notes; Robust Porter (5.9%) is a roasty brew with coffee and chocolate on the nose. The roast is balanced by caramel and supported by a medium full, malty mouthfeel and a little smoke in the finish. Pumpkin Junction (8.4%) is a big, smooth and creamy stout full of chocolate, coffee, and spicy pumpkin notes. American Brown (5.9%) offers bright citrus hops and a lightly roasted aroma. Chocolate and caramel come through with a slight smokiness. American Brown has a medium full body with a relatively dry, slightly spicy finish.


Crikey IPA and Life On Mars are also available in limited stock on draft in 20 litre Keykegs alongside two other brews. Triumvirate IPA (6%) is a lighter bodied IPA crafted to let the hops shine through brightly. Strong tropical fruit and citrus notes, in particular passion fruit and grapefruit, are wrapped up with a crisp refreshing finish. Hop Tropic (6.2%) is a light, refreshing pale ale that edges into IPA territory with a nose of passion fruit, grapefruit, guava and tangerine.

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